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#ifndef __ZSERVER_H__
#define __ZSERVER_H__
/* This file is part of the Project Athena Zephyr Notification System.
 * It contains declarations for use in the server.
 *    Created by: John T. Kohl
 *    $Source: /afs/dev.mit.edu/source/repository/athena/lib/zephyr/server/zserver.h,v $
 *    $Author: zacheiss $
 *    $Zephyr: /mit/zephyr/src/server/RCS/zserver.h,v 1.34 91/03/08 12:53:24 raeburn Exp $
 *    Copyright (c) 1987,1988,1991 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 *    For copying and distribution information, see the file
 *    "mit-copyright.h". 

#include <zephyr/mit-copyright.h>

#include <internal.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>

#include "zsrv_err.h"

#include "timer.h"
#include "zsrv_conf.h"              /* configuration params */

#include "zstring.h"
#include "access.h"
#include "acl.h"

#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
/* Kerberos-specific library interfaces used only by the server. */
extern C_Block __Zephyr_session;
#define ZGetSession() (__Zephyr_session)
Code_t ZFormatAuthenticNotice __P((ZNotice_t*, char*, int, int*, C_Block));

/* For krb_rd_req prototype and definition. */
#ifndef KRB_INT32
#define KRB_INT32 ZEPHYR_INT32

/* These macros are for insertion into and deletion from a singly-linked list
 * with back pointers to the previous element's next pointer.  In order to
 * make these macros act like expressions, they use the comma operator for
 * sequenced evaluations of assignment, and "a && b" for "evaluate assignment
 * b if expression a is true". */
#define LIST_INSERT(head, elem) \
      ((elem)->next = *(head), \
       (*head) && ((*(head))->prev_p = &(elem)->next), \
       (*head) = (elem), (elem)->prev_p = (head))
#define LIST_DELETE(elem) \
      (*(elem)->prev_p = (elem)->next, \
       (elem)->next && ((elem)->next->prev_p = (elem)->prev_p))

/* Current time as cached by main(); use instead of time(). */
#define NOW t_local.tv_sec

#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
/* Kerberos shouldn't stick us with array types... */
typedef struct {
    des_key_schedule s;
} Sched;

typedef struct _Destination Destination;
typedef struct _Destlist Destlist;
typedef struct _Realm Realm;
typedef struct _Realmname Realmname;
typedef enum _Realm_state Realm_state;
typedef struct _Client Client;
typedef struct _Triplet Triplet;
typedef enum _Server_state Server_state;
typedef struct _Unacked Unacked;
typedef struct _Pending Pending;
typedef struct _Server Server;
typedef enum _Sent_type Sent_type;
typedef struct _Statistic Statistic;

struct _Destination {
    String        *classname;
    String        *inst;
    String        *recip;

struct _Destlist {
    Destination   dest;
    struct _Destlist    *next, **prev_p;

enum _Realm_state {
    REALM_UP,                       /* Realm is up */
    REALM_TARDY,              /* Realm due for a hello XXX */
    REALM_DEAD,                     /* Realm is considered dead */
    REALM_STARTING                  /* Realm is between dead and up */

struct _Realm {
    char name[REALM_SZ];
    int count;
    struct sockaddr_in *addrs;
    int idx;                        /* which server we are connected to */
    Destlist *subs;                     /* what their clients sub to */
    Destlist *remsubs;                  /* our subs on their end */
    Client *client;                     
    int child_pid;
    int have_tkt;
    Realm_state state;

struct _Realmname {
    char name[REALM_SZ];
    char **servers;
    int nused;
    int nservers;

struct _Client {
    struct sockaddr_in  addr;       /* ipaddr/port of client */
    Destlist            *subs ;     /* subscriptions */
#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
    C_Block       session_key;      /* session key for this client */
#endif /* HAVE_KRB4 */
    String        *principal; /* krb principal of user */
    int                 last_send;  /* Counter for last sent packet. */
    time_t        last_ack;   /* Time of last received ack */
    Realm         *realm;
    struct _Client      *next, **prev_p;

struct _Triplet {
    Destination         dest;
    Acl                 *acl;
    Client        **clients;
    int                 clients_size;
    struct _Triplet     *next, **prev_p;

enum _Server_state {
    SERV_UP,                        /* Server is up */
    SERV_TARDY,                     /* Server due for a hello */
    SERV_DEAD,                      /* Server is considered dead */
    SERV_STARTING             /* Server is between dead and up */

struct _Unacked {
    Timer         *timer;           /* timer for retransmit */
    Client        *client;    /* responsible client, or NULL */
    short         rexmits;    /* number of retransmits */
    short         packsz;           /* size of packet */
    char          *packet;    /* ptr to packet */
    ZUnique_Id_t  uid;        /* uid of packet */
    struct sockaddr_in  ack_addr;
    union {                   /* address to send to */
      struct sockaddr_in addr;      /* client address */
      int   srv_idx;          /* index of server */
      struct {
          int rlm_idx;        /* index of realm */
          int rlm_srv_idx;          /* index of server in realm */
      } rlm;
    } dest;
    struct _Unacked *next, **prev_p;

struct _Pending {
    char          *packet;    /* the notice (in pkt form) */
    short         len;        /* len of pkt */
    unsigned int  auth;       /* whether it is authentic */
    struct sockaddr_in who;         /* the addr of the sender */
    struct _Pending *next;

struct _Server {
    Server_state  state;            /* server's state */
    struct sockaddr_in  addr;       /* server's address */
    long          timeout;    /* Length of timeout in sec */
    Timer         *timer;           /* timer for this server */
    Pending       *queue;           /* queue of packets to send
                                 to this server when done dumping */
    Pending       *queue_last;      /* last packet on queue */
    short         num_hello_sent;   /* number of hello's sent */
    unsigned int  dumping;    /* 1 if dumping, so we should queue */
    char          addr_str[16];     /* text version of address */

enum _Sent_type {
    NOT_SENT,                       /* message was not xmitted */
    SENT,                     /* message was xmitted */
    AUTH_FAILED,              /* authentication failed */
    NOT_FOUND                       /* user not found for uloc */

/* statistics gathering */
struct _Statistic {
    int                 val;
    char          *str;

/* Function declarations */
/* found in bdump.c */
void bdump_get __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth, struct sockaddr_in *who,
                Server *server));
void bdump_send __P((void));
void bdump_offer __P((struct sockaddr_in *who));
Code_t bdump_send_list_tcp __P((ZNotice_Kind_t kind, struct sockaddr_in *addr,
                        char *class_name, char *inst, char *opcode,
                        char *sender, char *recip, char **lyst,
                        int num));
int get_tgt __P((void));

/* found in class.c */
extern String *class_control, *class_admin, *class_hm;
extern String *class_ulogin, *class_ulocate;
int ZDest_eq __P((Destination *d1, Destination *d2));
Code_t triplet_register __P((Client *client, Destination *dest, Realm *realm));
Code_t triplet_deregister __P((Client *client, Destination *dest,
                         Realm *realm));
Code_t class_restrict __P((char *class, Acl *acl));
Code_t class_setup_restricted __P((char *class, Acl *acl));
Client **triplet_lookup __P((Destination *dest));
Acl *class_get_acl __P((String *class));
int dest_eq __P((Destination *d1, Destination *d2));
int order_dest_strings __P((Destination *d1, Destination *d2));
void triplet_dump_subs __P((FILE *fp));

/* found in client.c */
Code_t client_register __P((ZNotice_t *notice, struct in_addr *host,
                      Client **client_p, int wantdefaults));
void client_deregister __P((Client *client, int flush)); 
void client_flush_host __P((struct in_addr *host));
void client_dump_clients __P((FILE *fp));
Client *client_find __P((struct in_addr *host, unsigned int port));
Code_t client_send_clients __P((void));

/* found in common.c */
char *strsave __P((const char *str));
unsigned long hash  __P((const char *));
void dump_quote __P((char *p, FILE *fp));

/* found in dispatch.c */
void handle_packet __P((void));
void clt_ack __P((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *who, Sent_type sent));
void nack_release __P((Client *client));
void sendit __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth, struct sockaddr_in *who,
             int external));
void rexmit __P((void *));
void xmit __P((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *dest, int auth,
             Client *client));
Code_t hostm_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                     struct sockaddr_in *who, Server *server));
Code_t control_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                       struct sockaddr_in *who, Server *server));
Code_t xmit_frag __P((ZNotice_t *notice, char *buf, int len, int waitforack));
void hostm_shutdown __P((void));

/* found in kstuff.c */
#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
int GetKerberosData  __P((int, struct in_addr, AUTH_DAT *, char *, char *));
Code_t SendKerberosData  __P((int, KTEXT, char *, char *));
void sweep_ticket_hash_table __P((void *));

/* found in kopt.c */
#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
Sched *check_key_sched_cache __P((des_cblock key));
void add_to_key_sched_cache __P((des_cblock key, Sched *sched));
int krb_set_key __P((char *key, int cvt));
int krb_rd_req __P((KTEXT authent, char *service, char *instance,
                unsigned KRB_INT32 from_addr, AUTH_DAT *ad, char *fn));
int krb_find_ticket __P((KTEXT authent, KTEXT ticket));
int krb_get_lrealm __P((char *r, int n));

/* found in server.c */
void server_timo __P((void *which));
void server_dump_servers __P((FILE *fp));
void server_init __P((void));
void server_shutdown __P((void));
void server_forward __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                   struct sockaddr_in *who));
void server_kill_clt __P((Client *client));
void server_pending_free __P((Pending *pending));
void server_self_queue __P((ZNotice_t *, int, struct sockaddr_in *));
void server_send_queue __P((Server *));
void server_reset __P((void));
int is_server();
Server *server_which_server __P((struct sockaddr_in *who));
Pending *server_dequeue __P((Server *server));
Code_t server_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                      struct sockaddr_in *who));
Code_t server_adispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                       struct sockaddr_in *who, Server *server));

/* found in subscr.c */
Code_t subscr_foreign_user __P((ZNotice_t *, struct sockaddr_in *, Server *, Realm *));
Code_t subscr_cancel __P((struct sockaddr_in *sin, ZNotice_t *notice));
Code_t subscr_subscribe __P((Client *who, ZNotice_t *notice, Server *server));
Code_t subscr_send_subs __P((Client *client));
void subscr_cancel_client __P((Client *client));
void subscr_sendlist __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                    struct sockaddr_in *who));
void subscr_dump_subs __P((FILE *fp, Destlist *subs));
void subscr_reset __P((void));
Code_t subscr_def_subs __P((Client *who));

/* found in uloc.c */
void uloc_hflush __P((struct in_addr *addr));
void uloc_flush_client __P((struct sockaddr_in *sin));
void uloc_dump_locs __P((FILE *fp));
Code_t ulogin_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                      struct sockaddr_in *who, Server *server));
Code_t ulocate_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int auth,
                       struct sockaddr_in *who, Server *server));
Code_t uloc_send_locations __P((void));

/* found in realm.c */
int realm_sender_in_realm __P((char *realm, char *sender));
int realm_bound_for_realm __P((char *realm, char *recip));
Realm *realm_which_realm __P((struct sockaddr_in *who));
Realm *realm_get_realm_by_name __P((char *name));
Realm *realm_get_realm_by_pid __P((int));
void realm_handoff(ZNotice_t *, int, struct sockaddr_in *, Realm *, int);
char *realm_expand_realm(char *);
void realm_init __P((void));
Code_t ZCheckRealmAuthentication __P((ZNotice_t *, struct sockaddr_in *,
                              char *));
Code_t realm_control_dispatch __P((ZNotice_t *, int, struct sockaddr_in *,
                           Server *, Realm *));
void realm_shutdown __P((void));
void realm_deathgram __P((Server *));

/* found in version.c */
char *get_version __P((void));

/* global identifiers */

/* found in main.c */
int packets_waiting __P((void));
extern struct sockaddr_in srv_addr; /* server socket address */
extern unsigned short hm_port;            /* host manager receiver port */
extern unsigned short hm_srv_port;  /* host manager server sending port */
extern int srv_socket;              /* dgram sockets for clients
                                 and other servers */
extern int bdump_socket;            /* brain dump socket
                                 (closed most of the time) */

extern fd_set interesting;          /* the file descrips we are listening
                               to right now */
extern int nfds;              /* number to look at in select() */
extern int zdebug;
extern char myname[];               /* domain name of this host */
extern char list_file[];
#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
extern char srvtab_file[];
extern char my_realm[];
extern char acl_dir[];
extern char subs_file[];
extern const char version[];
extern u_long npackets;             /* num of packets processed */
extern time_t uptime;               /* time we started */
extern struct in_addr my_addr;
extern struct timeval t_local;            /* current time */

/* found in bdump.c */
extern int bdumping;                /* are we processing a bdump packet? */
extern int bdump_concurrent;        /* set while processing a packet
                               * concurrently during a braindump. */

/* found in dispatch.c */
extern Statistic i_s_ctls, i_s_logins, i_s_admins, i_s_locates;
extern int rexmit_times[];

/* found in server.c */
extern Server *otherservers;        /* array of servers */
extern int me_server_idx;           /* me (in the array of servers) */
extern int nservers;                /* number of other servers*/

/* found in subscr.c */
extern String *empty;
extern String *wildcard_instance;

extern Realm *otherrealms;
extern int nrealms;

extern struct in_addr my_addr;      /* my inet address */

#define class_is_control(classname) (classname == class_control)
#define class_is_admin(classname) (classname == class_admin)
#define class_is_hm(classname) (classname == class_hm)
#define class_is_ulogin(classname) (classname == class_ulogin)
#define class_is_ulocate(classname) (classname == class_ulocate)

#define     ADMIN_HELLO "HELLO"           /* Opcode: hello, are you there */
#define     ADMIN_IMHERE      "IHEARDYOU" /* Opcode: yes, I am here */
#define     ADMIN_SHUTDOWN    "GOODBYE"   /* Opcode: I am shutting down */
#define ADMIN_BDUMP     "DUMP_AVAIL"      /* Opcode: I will give you a dump */
#define     ADMIN_DONE  "DUMP_DONE" /* Opcode: brain dump for this server
                                 is complete */
#define     ADMIN_NEWCLT      "NEXT_CLIENT"     /* Opcode: this is a new client */
#define     ADMIN_KILL_CLT    "KILL_CLIENT"     /* Opcode: client is dead, remove */
#define     ADMIN_STATUS      "STATUS"    /* Opcode: please send status */

#define ADMIN_NEWREALM  "NEXT_REALM"      /* Opcode: this is a new realm */
#define REALM_REQ_LOCATE "REQ_LOCATE"     /* Opcode: request a location */
#define REALM_ANS_LOCATE "ANS_LOCATE"     /* Opcode: answer to location */
#define REALM_BOOT      "SENDSUBS"  /* Opcode: first server in realm */

/* me_server_idx is the index into otherservers of this server descriptor. */
/* the 'limbo' server is always the first server */

#define     me_server   (&otherservers[me_server_idx])
#define limbo_server_idx()    (0)
#define     limbo_server      (&otherservers[limbo_server_idx()])

#define msgs_queued()   (ZQLength() || otherservers[me_server_idx].queue)

#define     ack(a,b)    clt_ack(a,b,SENT)
#define     nack(a,b)   clt_ack(a,b,NOT_SENT)

#define     min(a,b)    ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define     max(a,b)    ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))


/* the instance that matches all instances */
#define     WILDCARD_INSTANCE "*"

/* debugging macros */
#ifdef DEBUG
#define zdbug(s1) if (zdebug) syslog s1;
#else /* !DEBUG */
#define zdbug(s1)
#endif /* DEBUG */

#endif /* !__ZSERVER_H__ */

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