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#ifndef __INTERNAL_H__
#define __INTERNAL_H__

#include <sysdep.h>
#include <zephyr/zephyr.h>
#include <netdb.h>

#ifdef HAVE_KRB4
#include <krb.h>
#include <krb_err.h>

#include <hesiod.h>

#ifndef HAVE_KRB4
#define INST_SZ         0           /* no instances w/o Kerberos */
#define ANAME_SZ  9           /* size of a username + null */
#define CLOCK_SKEW      300         /* max time to cache packet ids */

#define SERVER_SVC_FALLBACK   htons((unsigned short) 2103)
#define HM_SVC_FALLBACK       htons((unsigned short) 2104)
#define HM_SRV_SVC_FALLBACK   htons((unsigned short) 2105)

#define ZAUTH_UNSET           (-3) /* Internal to client library. */
#define Z_MAXFRAGS            500   /* Max number of packet fragments */
#define Z_MAXNOTICESIZE       400000      /* Max size of incoming notice */
#define Z_MAXQUEUESIZE        1500000     /* Max size of input queue notices */
#define Z_FRAGFUDGE           13    /* Room to for multinotice field */
#define Z_NOTICETIMELIMIT     30    /* Time to wait for fragments */
#define Z_INITFILTERSIZE      30    /* Starting size of uid filter */

struct _Z_Hole {
    struct _Z_Hole      *next;
    int                 first;
    int                 last;

struct _Z_InputQ {
    struct _Z_InputQ    *next;
    struct _Z_InputQ    *prev;
    ZNotice_Kind_t      kind;
    unsigned ZEPHYR_INT32 timep;
    int                 packet_len;
    char          *packet;
    int                 complete;
    struct sockaddr_in  from;
    struct _Z_Hole      *holelist;
    ZUnique_Id_t  uid;
    int                 auth;
    int                 header_len;
    char          *header;
    int                 msg_len;
    char          *msg;

extern struct _Z_InputQ *__Q_Head, *__Q_Tail;

extern int __Zephyr_open;     /* 0 if FD opened, 1 otherwise */
extern int __HM_set;          /* 0 if dest addr set, 1 otherwise */
extern int __Zephyr_server;   /* 0 if normal client, 1 if server or zhm */

extern ZLocations_t *__locate_list;
extern int __locate_num;
extern int __locate_next;

extern ZSubscription_t *__subscriptions_list;
extern int __subscriptions_num;
extern int __subscriptions_next;

extern int __Zephyr_port;           /* Port number */
extern struct in_addr __My_addr;

typedef Code_t (*Z_SendProc) __P((ZNotice_t *, char *, int, int));

struct _Z_InputQ *Z_GetFirstComplete __P((void));
struct _Z_InputQ *Z_GetNextComplete __P((struct _Z_InputQ *));
Code_t Z_XmitFragment __P((ZNotice_t*, char *,int,int));
void Z_RemQueue __P((struct _Z_InputQ *));
Code_t Z_AddNoticeToEntry __P((struct _Z_InputQ*, ZNotice_t*, int));
Code_t Z_FormatAuthHeader __P((ZNotice_t *, char *, int, int *, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t Z_FormatHeader __P((ZNotice_t *, char *, int, int *, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t Z_FormatRawHeader __P((ZNotice_t *, char*, int,
                        int*, char **, char **));
Code_t Z_ReadEnqueue __P((void));
Code_t Z_ReadWait __P((void));
Code_t Z_SendLocation __P((char*, char*, Z_AuthProc, char*));
Code_t Z_SendFragmentedNotice __P((ZNotice_t *notice, int len,
                           Z_AuthProc cert_func,
                           Z_SendProc send_func));
Code_t Z_WaitForComplete __P((void));
Code_t Z_WaitForNotice __P((ZNotice_t *notice,
                      int (*pred) __P((ZNotice_t *, void *)), void *arg,
                      int timeout));

#endif /* __INTERNAL_H__ */

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