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/* This file is part of the Project Athena Zephyr Notification System.
 * It contains global definitions
 *    Created by: Robert French
 *    $Id: zephyr.h,v 1.54 1999/01/22 23:18:59 ghudson Exp $
 *    Copyright (c) 1987,1988,1991 by the Massachusetts Institute of
 *    Technology. For copying and distribution information, see the
 *    file "mit-copyright.h".

#ifndef __ZEPHYR_H__
#define __ZEPHYR_H__

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/time.h>

#include <zephyr/zephyr_err.h>

#ifndef IPPROTO_MAX     /* Make sure not already included */
#include <netinet/in.h>

/* Use __STDC__ to guess whether we can use stdarg, prototypes, and const.
 * This is a public header file, so autoconf can't help us here. */
#ifdef __STDC__
# include <stdarg.h>
# define ZP(x) x
# define ZCONST const
# define ZP(x) ()
# define ZCONST

/* Service names */
#define     HM_SVCNAME        "zephyr-hm"
#define HM_SRV_SVCNAME        "zephyr-hm-srv"
#define     SERVER_SVCNAME          "zephyr-clt"
#define SERVER_SERVICE        "zephyr"
#define SERVER_INSTANCE       "zephyr"

#define ZVERSIONHDR     "ZEPH"

#define Z_MAXPKTLEN           1024
#define Z_MAXHEADERLEN        800
#define Z_MAXOTHERFIELDS      10    /* Max unknown fields in ZNotice_t */
#define Z_NUMFIELDS           17

/* Authentication levels returned by ZCheckAuthentication */
#define ZAUTH_FAILED          (-1)
#define ZAUTH_YES             1
#define ZAUTH_NO              0

typedef char ZPacket_t[Z_MAXPKTLEN];

/* Packet type */
typedef enum {
} ZNotice_Kind_t;
extern ZCONST char *ZNoticeKinds[9];

/* Unique ID format */
typedef struct _ZUnique_Id_t {
    struct  in_addr zuid_addr;
    struct  timeval     tv;
} ZUnique_Id_t;

/* Checksum */
typedef unsigned long ZChecksum_t;

/* Notice definition */
typedef struct _ZNotice_t {
    char          *z_packet;
    char          *z_version;
    ZNotice_Kind_t      z_kind;
    ZUnique_Id_t  z_uid;
#define z_sender_addr   z_uid.zuid_addr
    struct        timeval z_time;
    unsigned short      z_port;
    int                 z_auth;
    int                 z_checked_auth;
    int                 z_authent_len;
    char          *z_ascii_authent;
    char          *z_class;
    char          *z_class_inst;
    char          *z_opcode;
    char          *z_sender;
    char          *z_recipient;
    char          *z_default_format;
    char          *z_multinotice;
    ZUnique_Id_t  z_multiuid;
    ZChecksum_t         z_checksum;
    int                 z_num_other_fields;
    char          *z_other_fields[Z_MAXOTHERFIELDS];
    caddr_t       z_message;
    int                 z_message_len;
} ZNotice_t;

/* Subscription structure */
typedef struct _ZSubscriptions_t {
    char    *zsub_recipient;
    char    *zsub_class;
    char    *zsub_classinst;
} ZSubscription_t;

/* Function return code */
typedef int Code_t;

/* Locations structure */
typedef struct _ZLocations_t {
    char    *host;
    char    *time;
    char    *tty;
} ZLocations_t;

typedef struct _ZAsyncLocateData_t {
    char          *user;
    ZUnique_Id_t  uid;
    char          *version;
} ZAsyncLocateData_t;

/* for ZSetDebug */
#ifdef Z_DEBUG
void (*__Z_debug_print) ZP((ZCONST char *fmt, va_list args, void *closure));
void *__Z_debug_print_closure;

int ZCompareUIDPred ZP((ZNotice_t *, void *));
int ZCompareMultiUIDPred ZP((ZNotice_t *, void *));

/* Defines for ZFormatNotice, et al. */
typedef Code_t (*Z_AuthProc) ZP((ZNotice_t*, char *, int, int *));
Code_t ZMakeAuthentication ZP((ZNotice_t*, char *,int, int*));

char *ZGetSender ZP((void));
char *ZGetVariable ZP((char *));
Code_t ZSetVariable ZP((char *var, char *value));
Code_t ZUnsetVariable ZP((char *var));
int ZGetWGPort ZP((void));
Code_t ZSetDestAddr ZP((struct sockaddr_in *));
Code_t ZFormatNoticeList ZP((ZNotice_t*, char**, int,
                       char **, int*, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZParseNotice ZP((char*, int, ZNotice_t *));
Code_t ZReadAscii ZP((char*, int, unsigned char*, int));
Code_t ZReadAscii32 ZP((char *, int, unsigned long *));
Code_t ZReadAscii16 ZP((char *, int, unsigned short *));
Code_t ZSendPacket ZP((char*, int, int));
Code_t ZSendList ZP((ZNotice_t*, char *[], int, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZSrvSendList ZP((ZNotice_t*, char*[], int, Z_AuthProc, Code_t (*)()));
Code_t ZSendNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZSrvSendNotice ZP((ZNotice_t*, Z_AuthProc, Code_t (*)()));
Code_t ZFormatNotice ZP((ZNotice_t*, char**, int*, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZFormatSmallNotice ZP((ZNotice_t*, ZPacket_t, int*, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZFormatRawNoticeList ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, char *list[], int nitems,
                        char **buffer, int *ret_len));
Code_t ZLocateUser ZP((char *, int *, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZRequestLocations ZP((char *, ZAsyncLocateData_t *,
                       ZNotice_Kind_t, Z_AuthProc));
Code_t ZhmStat ZP((struct in_addr *, ZNotice_t *));
Code_t ZInitialize ZP((void));
Code_t ZSetServerState ZP((int));
Code_t ZSetFD ZP((int));
Code_t ZFormatSmallRawNotice ZP((ZNotice_t*, ZPacket_t, int*));
int ZCompareUID ZP((ZUnique_Id_t*, ZUnique_Id_t*));
Code_t ZSrvSendRawList ZP((ZNotice_t*, char*[], int,
                     Code_t (*)(ZNotice_t *, char *, int, int)));
Code_t ZMakeAscii ZP((char*, int, unsigned char*, int));
Code_t ZMakeAscii32 ZP((char *, int, unsigned long));
Code_t ZMakeAscii16 ZP((char *, int, unsigned int));
Code_t ZReceivePacket ZP((ZPacket_t, int*, struct sockaddr_in*));
Code_t ZCheckAuthentication ZP((ZNotice_t*, struct sockaddr_in*));
Code_t ZInitLocationInfo ZP((char *hostname, char *tty));
Code_t ZSetLocation ZP((char *exposure));
Code_t ZUnsetLocation ZP((void));
Code_t ZFlushMyLocations ZP((void));
char *ZParseExposureLevel ZP((char *text));
Code_t ZFormatRawNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *, char**, int *));
Code_t ZRetrieveSubscriptions ZP((unsigned short, int*));
Code_t ZOpenPort ZP((unsigned short *port));
Code_t ZClosePort ZP((void));
Code_t ZFlushLocations ZP((void));
Code_t ZFlushSubscriptions ZP((void));
Code_t ZFreeNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *notice));
Code_t ZParseLocations ZP((register ZNotice_t *notice,
                     register ZAsyncLocateData_t *zald, int *nlocs,
                     char **user));
int ZCompareALDPred ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, void *zald));
void ZFreeALD ZP((register ZAsyncLocateData_t *zald));
Code_t ZCheckIfNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *from,
                    register int (*predicate) ZP((ZNotice_t *,void *)),
                    void *args));
Code_t ZPeekPacket ZP((char **buffer, int *ret_len,
                   struct sockaddr_in *from));
Code_t ZPeekNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *from));
Code_t ZIfNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *from,
                 int (*predicate) ZP((ZNotice_t *, void *)), void *args));
Code_t ZSubscribeTo ZP((ZSubscription_t *sublist, int nitems,
                  unsigned int port));
Code_t ZSubscribeToSansDefaults ZP((ZSubscription_t *sublist, int nitems,
                            unsigned int port));
Code_t ZUnsubscribeTo ZP((ZSubscription_t *sublist, int nitems,
                    unsigned int port));
Code_t ZCancelSubscriptions ZP((unsigned int port));
int ZPending ZP((void));
Code_t ZReceiveNotice ZP((ZNotice_t *notice, struct sockaddr_in *from));
#ifdef Z_DEBUG
void Z_debug ZP((ZCONST char *, ...));

#undef ZP

/* Compatibility */
#define     ZNewLocateUser ZLocateUser

/* Macros to retrieve Zephyr library values. */
extern int __Zephyr_fd;
extern int __Q_CompleteLength;
extern struct sockaddr_in __HM_addr;
extern char __Zephyr_realm[];
#define ZGetFD()  __Zephyr_fd
#define ZQLength()      __Q_CompleteLength
#define ZGetDestAddr()  __HM_addr
#define ZGetRealm()     __Zephyr_realm

#ifdef Z_DEBUG
void ZSetDebug ZP((void (*)(ZCONST char *, va_list, void *), void *));
#define ZSetDebug(proc,closure)    (__Z_debug_print=(proc), \
                            __Z_debug_print_closure=(closure), \
                            (void) 0)
#define     ZSetDebug(proc,closure)

/* Maximum queue length */
#define Z_MAXQLEN             30

/* Successful function return */
#define ZERR_NONE       0

/* Hostmanager wait time (in secs) */
#define HM_TIMEOUT            10

/* Server wait time (in secs) */
#define     SRV_TIMEOUT       30

#define ZAUTH (ZMakeAuthentication)
#define ZNOAUTH ((Z_AuthProc)0)

/* Packet strings */
#define ZSRVACK_SENT          "SENT"      /* SERVACK codes */
#define ZSRVACK_NOTSENT       "LOST"
#define ZSRVACK_FAIL          "FAIL"

/* Server internal class */
#define ZEPHYR_ADMIN_CLASS    "ZEPHYR_ADMIN"    /* Class */

/* Control codes sent to a server */
#define ZEPHYR_CTL_CLASS      "ZEPHYR_CTL"      /* Class */

#define ZEPHYR_CTL_REALM      "REALM"           /* Inst: From realm */
#define REALM_ADD_SUBSCRIBE   "ADD_SUBSCRIBE"   /* Opcode: Add subs */
#define REALM_REQ_SUBSCRIBE   "REQ_SUBSCRIBE"   /* Opcode: Request subs */
#define REALM_SUBSCRIBE       "RLM_SUBSCRIBE"   /* Opcode: Subscribe realm */
#define REALM_UNSUBSCRIBE     "RLM_UNSUBSCRIBE" /* Opcode: Unsub realm */

#define ZEPHYR_CTL_CLIENT     "CLIENT"    /* Inst: From client */
#define CLIENT_SUBSCRIBE      "SUBSCRIBE" /* Opcode: Subscribe */
#define CLIENT_SUBSCRIBE_NODEFS     "SUBSCRIBE_NODEFS"      /* Opcode: Subscribe */
#define CLIENT_UNSUBSCRIBE    "UNSUBSCRIBE"     /* Opcode: Unsubsubscribe */
#define CLIENT_CANCELSUB      "CLEARSUB"  /* Opcode: Clear all subs */
#define CLIENT_GIMMESUBS      "GIMME"           /* Opcode: Give me subs */
#define     CLIENT_GIMMEDEFS  "GIMMEDEFS" /* Opcode: Give me default
                                     * subscriptions */

#define ZEPHYR_CTL_HM         "HM"        /* Inst: From HM */
#define HM_BOOT               "BOOT"            /* Opcode: Boot msg */
#define HM_FLUSH        "FLUSH"           /* Opcode: Flush me */
#define HM_DETACH       "DETACH"    /* Opcode: Detach me */
#define HM_ATTACH       "ATTACH"    /* Opcode: Attach me */

/* Control codes send to a HostManager */
#define     HM_CTL_CLASS            "HM_CTL"    /* Class */

#define HM_CTL_SERVER         "SERVER"    /* Inst: From server */
#define SERVER_SHUTDOWN       "SHUTDOWN"  /* Opcode: Server shutdown */
#define SERVER_PING           "PING"            /* Opcode: PING */

#define HM_CTL_CLIENT           "CLIENT"        /* Inst: From client */
#define CLIENT_FLUSH            "FLUSH"         /* Opcode: Send flush to srv */
#define CLIENT_NEW_SERVER       "NEWSERV"       /* Opcode: Find new server */

/* HM Statistics */
#define HM_STAT_CLASS         "HM_STAT"   /* Class */

#define HM_STAT_CLIENT        "HMST_CLIENT"     /* Inst: From client */
#define HM_GIMMESTATS         "GIMMESTATS"      /* Opcode: get stats */

/* Login class messages */
#define LOGIN_CLASS           "LOGIN"           /* Class */

/* Class Instance is principal of user who is logging in or logging out */

#define EXPOSE_NONE           "NONE"            /* Opcode: Not visible */
#define EXPOSE_OPSTAFF        "OPSTAFF"   /* Opcode: Opstaff visible */
#define EXPOSE_REALMVIS       "REALM-VISIBLE"   /* Opcode: Realm visible */
#define EXPOSE_REALMANN       "REALM-ANNOUNCED"/* Opcode: Realm announced */
#define EXPOSE_NETVIS         "NET-VISIBLE"     /* Opcode: Net visible */
#define EXPOSE_NETANN         "NET-ANNOUNCED"   /* Opcode: Net announced */
#define     LOGIN_USER_LOGIN  "USER_LOGIN"      /* Opcode: user login
                                       (from server) */
#define LOGIN_USER_LOGOUT     "USER_LOGOUT"     /* Opcode: User logout */
#define     LOGIN_USER_FLUSH  "USER_FLUSH"      /* Opcode: flush all locs */

/* Locate class messages */
#define LOCATE_CLASS          "USER_LOCATE"     /* Class */

#define LOCATE_HIDE           "USER_HIDE" /* Opcode: Hide me */
#define LOCATE_UNHIDE         "USER_UNHIDE"     /* Opcode: Unhide me */

/* Class Instance is principal of user to locate */
#define LOCATE_LOCATE         "LOCATE"    /* Opcode: Locate user */

/* WG_CTL class messages */
#define WG_CTL_CLASS          "WG_CTL"    /* Class */

#define WG_CTL_USER           "USER"            /* Inst: User request */
#define USER_REREAD           "REREAD"    /* Opcode: Reread desc file */
#define USER_SHUTDOWN         "SHUTDOWN"  /* Opcode: Go catatonic */
#define USER_STARTUP          "STARTUP"   /* Opcode: Come out of it */
#define USER_EXIT       "EXIT"            /* Opcode: Exit the client */

#endif /* __ZEPHYR_H__ */

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